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For your next bathroom renovation project, we know you only want what’s best for it. From high-quality materials, excellent craftsmanship and reasonable service costs, our company has it for you. At CK Bathrooms Sunderland, you get to enjoy these amazing benefits and more with professional results all the time. Thus, it is always a wise option to choose expert companies like us.

In every bathroom remodelling, each client’s requirements and preferences differ from that of the other. This is most true when it comes to bathroom designs. Luckily, our professional designers will help you render your ideas on a concrete plan and from there, our seasoned bathroom fitters, tile installers, carpenters, plumbers and electricians will make that plan come to life.

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Services Offered

CK Bathroom Fitters Sunderland provides a wide-range of services for our clients in Sunderland, Newcastle, Gateshead, Seaham, Houghten Le Spring. Our services cover the following:

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Wet Rooms

In contrast to a standard bathroom, all the areas in wet rooms are waterproof. Moreover, wet rooms don’t have any enclosure in specific parts such as the shower area and the water drains directly to the floor, unlike the regular bathrooms. Our designs for wet rooms are always reflective of our clients’ unique requirements, such as those needing access to wheelchairs or those needing safety bars on the sides.

 If you already have a design, our professional team can build your concept and additional specifications, or if you still don’t have one, our team can create it from scratch. Not only that, we can also provide materials if you already have a chosen fitter.


En Suites

If you want to have your very own en suite bathroom, our bathroom fitters can turn your extra bedroom space into one. This will save you the trouble from going outside your room just to use the bathroom. Our company can create unique designs that will give you a more comfortable personal space in your bedroom. We will also make sure that your personal style and your family’s needs are included in the list.

Our features for en suite bathrooms combine aesthetic designs and functionality. Whether you want a simple or perhaps the most stylish and grandest en suite bathroom, our professional renovators can do an excellent job while working around the budget.

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Our experts at CK Bathrooms Sunderland can design, install, maintain, and repair almost all kinds of bathrooms, shower rooms, wet rooms and even powder rooms. Our bathroom builders cover the following types of bathroom reno services:
bathroom remodelling

Full bathrooms


Designer bathrooms


Commercial bathrooms


Master bathrooms


En Suite bathrooms


Powder rooms


Laundry rooms


Bespoke bathrooms


Modern bathrooms


Contemporary bathrooms

When you pick us to be your bathroom builders, we have all bathroom areas covered for you. We strive to be your one-stop shop, so you don’t have to hire separate and individual professional to finish your project. We lead a team of highly-trained experts who can perform all bathroom remodelling procedures:

Bathroom Design

If your project calls for designing a standard bathroom, an en suite, or a wet room, our company got you. Our design team is composed of experienced and qualified individuals who are the best at all kinds of bathroom designs. Over the years, we have designed multiple bathrooms for both residential and commercial properties in Sunderland, UK, and nearby areas.
We can create designs from scratch by incorporating all your specifications and other inputs. Our expert designers can also redesign your existing concepts. We’ve had clients who came with a complete design layout, and we just performed some tweaks according to their needs. Our company always considers the cost-effective options for your reno project.
We make sure that our bathroom designs do not deviate from your personal styles, needs and budget. This is so because our clients are always placed first and we value their time and efforts. We always deliver the best results without compromising the quality of our work, and we always go beyond the bare minimum.

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Bathroom Installation

The moment all the design, plan and project cost have been set, we will begin the installation. The installation procedure calls for the best team of plumbers, electricians, painters, and tile installers and we will have them go to your residence without any hassle. This phase can be a little stressful and can create inconveniences, but our team of builders can make everything go smoothly without causing you worry. What’s more is that our services always follow safety rules and industry standards.

Our team of bathroom builders will get you on track in every phase of the project. Every project we work on is a team effort; thus, we work closely with our clients. Your ideas and preferences will always come on top of our priorities. We can perform installation for all fixtures and accessories based on the industry standards and manufacturer’s recommendations so that they will last for many more years.


Waterproofing and Tiling

Among the parts of a bathroom remodelling, waterproofing, and tiling are important for they determine what your bathroom’s condition will be for the next couple of years. Moreover, faulty work in waterproofing or tiling can cost you more than what you might initially think. Water can seep through cracks, and when left unattended, it can give you so many problems.

Our company uses high-grade materials when it comes to waterproofing and tiling. Using low quality materials can only bring you more trouble and expenses. Our experts can also help you choose the best tile for your needs, and they install it excellently. With our quality services, you know that your bathroom can last for decades and even more, whether if you’re a commercial or residential owner in Newcastle.

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Plumbing and Electrical Works

These two are the most intricate and complicated work in a bathroom installation project. One must remember that these works ensure the safety and comfort of your bathroom. So, entrusting your needs to professional plumbers and electricians is the most viable and wisest option.

All electrical and plumbing work must be done right to avoid unnecessary costs from spiked-up bills and troubles in your home. Our experts can help you choose more cost-effective and energy-efficient options to cut on expenses while saving the environment from waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does a wet room installation cost in the UK?

In the UK, the cost of wet room installation usually ranges from £5,000 to £10,000. However, it could be higher or lower depending on the size of the bathroom area, the material, and accessory choices, the labour needed, and the project design.

For smaller wet rooms, the cost is around £4,000 to £6,000. For the corresponding labour costs, it may be at £150 to £200 per day, depending on the skills of the service provider.  For the tile costs, it is around £20 per square meter depending on the style and type of material you want.

How long does a wet room installation take?

A wet room installation typically needs 4 to 7 days. It can be shorter or longer depending on the skill required, amount of labour needed and the size of the area. It is equally necessary to consider that when going for this project, you also need to have another place to take a bath or shower, especially for single bathroom homes.

How do you build a wet room?

It may be ideal to build a wet room on your own, but it is not highly recommended. This work is better entrusted to the hands of professionals, because it requires expertise, tools and the proper equipment. This is so because the project requires electrical works and plumbing installation.

For instance, a drainage system is so complicated that your need to hire a professional plumber who will take care of the pipes and other materials to be properly installed. Also, you need to ensure that these aspects are done correctly, otherwise you and your family’s safety is always on the line.

What is the difference between a wet room and a shower room?

The main difference is that the standard bathroom’s shower area has an enclosure as this part is the only one that’s waterproofed and with a drain on it. On the other hand, a wet room is entirely waterproofed, making it only this part has waterproofing and drainage. Meanwhile, in the wet room, everything is waterproofed which doesn’t need any enclosure. Both rooms can have sinks, toilets, and even cabinets with limitless style options.

How much is the new bathroom installation in Sunderland?

In Sunderland, a new bathroom installation can cost anywhere from £2,000 to £12,000 normally depending on the scale of the job, and labour costs amounting between £150 and £200 daily. Further, costs may be based on the size of the bathroom to be installed, the amount of pre-installation work needed, the location of the property, and the material and supply options. For luxury bathrooms, the cost could reach as high as £15,000.

Bathroom Specialists Sunderland

We work across the NE region covering Sunderland, Newscastle, Gateshead, Seaham, Houghten Le Spring, UK, consistently providing residential and commercial customers with the best products and quality services. Not only that, you can’t find any other company who offers the kind of service we have.

We also use cutting edge wet room products to better carry out the bathroom design and build your dream shower in the most efficient manner. In performing our service, we make sure that we do it with caution to ensure your safety as well as our professionals.

CK Bathroom Renovations Sunderland offers a lifetime warranty on our products with a 10-year warranty on our labour and services. Reach out to us today and know more about our amazing wet room and bathroom design, supply, and installation services.