Have you ever wondered how you can give your old bathroom a fresh look or perhaps turn it into a more relaxing space? A bathroom remodelling in Sunderland, Newcastle, Gateshead, Seaham, and Houghten Le Spring is the answer you need. With the advent of technology, there exists a multitude of options for wet room and bathroom designs.

CK Bathroom Renovations Sunderland offers design, supply, and installation for residential and commercial clients in Sunderland, UK, and nearby areas. Our company designs modern or classic bathrooms, provide all materials, and perform installation.

We answer to all bathroom reno needs in all shapes and sizes – from the standard bathroom to wet rooms, powder room, commercial bathrooms, bespoke bathrooms, modern bathrooms, contemporary bathrooms, luxury bathrooms, and so much more.

In these days, choosing the best design and supplies can be daunting task. While our bathroom designers can guide you in choosing the best one, we still make sure to give you the final say. In order to better maximise the space and overall features of the space, we suggest the following:

  • High-Quality Materials
    Modern bathrooms house a mix of different types of materials and accessories to set that unique and stylish touch. Nowadays, steel, wood or glass are used together to come up with a more contemporary feel.In choosing the material, it is imperative that you consider the options that have water and moisture resistant. Since the water is constantly wet or damp, the materials must at least offer some resistance to water and moisture. Doing this will ensure that you get to have a long-lasting wet room or bathroom.As regards the tile options, ceramic and porcelain tiles are commonly used for their water resistance, which ultimately makes it a wise and cost-effective option.
  • Colours
    Homeowners often select pleasant and relaxing colours to the senses. This is mainly because colours can give so much effect such as giving an illusion of wider area. Neutrally coloured tiles can achieve that effect. But, don’t be hesitant to choose bold and contrasting colours that can complement the other tones.
  • Furniture and Accessories
    Bulky cabinets are a thing in the past and now, wall-mounted cabinets and hanging shelves are more in trend now. They can free up a lot of space while storing important things and bathroom essentials.

Not only that, you can also improve your bathroom’s look by selecting the right lighting and windows. For all your bathroom design, supply, and installation needs, trust only CK Bathrooms Sunderland and get a free quotation when you call today.