En Suite

Newly renovated bathroom toilet

Isn’t it inconvenient to step out of your bedroom and go downstairs or at the far end of the hall just to reach the bathroom? Have you been late at work or school because your main bathroom is still being used when you need to prepare? Worry no more because an en suite bathroom is the solution you need and nothing else.

Being experts in bathroom remodelling and fitting, our company has a complete range of en suite design, supply, and installation at very reasonable costs. When you have your very own “in the room” bathroom, you get to relax more and be at ease during the busy hours in the morning.

CK Bathroom Renovations Sunderland can personalise an en suite bathrooms based on your personal and unique needs, so we can provide you with comfort, safety, and convenience.

  • Open Up and Maximise Space
    A lot of our clients who opted to have en suite bathrooms had tiny space available to accommodate the installation. When you’re caught in the same situation, we often offer wall-mounted cabinetries, sleek shelves, and hanging racks to allow more space for other components. Freeing up more space enables you to add more important fixtures and furniture that will flare up your area’s aesthetics.
  • Proper Lighting and Sound
    Installing large windows will give your more natural light in the day, and this is the best choice for most. However, if this option is not feasible then our company also offers artificial lighting. With the right kind of lamp or light and having different lighting modes can drastically improve your mood and give you more relaxation.Also, there are some homeowners who want to install speakers into their bathroom layout. Our company can achieve this with the installation of digital speakers that are sleek enough to go unnoticed. With the proper lighting and the coolest sound system, you will experience the best bathroom in your lifetime.

The Trusted En Suite Bathroom Services in Sunderland

You can have your en suite bathroom installed with tiles of your favourite colour or with tiles that match your house’s theme. Also, you may want to have a spa-like bathroom with the state-of-the-art bathtub and elegant sinks. All of these can be achieved by our professional bathroom renovators and builders. Let our experts do the hard part, and all you need to do is relax.